Summary Of Principles Of Selecting Seed Planters


  China is a large country in agricultural production. […]

  China is a large country in agricultural production. Agricultural departments around the country should conscientiously implement spring agricultural production, strengthen the guidance of spring agricultural production services, demonstrate and promote water-saving agricultural technologies, and actively develop urban modern agriculture. Seed planters have become one of the important equipment for realizing modern agriculture, and the subsidy policies of local governments for seed planters are also increasing year by year. Let's share the principle of choosing seed planters.

  The general principle of selecting and purchasing seed planters are that machines with different principles focus on the impurities or functions removed from seed processing. Among them, cleaning machines have more principles and types and should be carefully selected and purchased. General reference is made to the following principles.

  (1) If the weight of the cleaned seeds is obviously lighter than that of the good seeds, and the size and size of the cleaned seeds are obviously different from that of the good seeds, the air-screen cleaning machine shall be selected. This machine is widely used at present.

  (2) When there are obvious differences in the long and short dimensions of cleaning, and there are still long or short impurities that cannot be removed after wind screening, the nest eye type cleaner shall be selected on a trial basis.

  (3) After the air-screen cleaning machine and pit-and-eye cleaning machine, the cleanliness has been improved and the grain size is relatively uniform, but there are still some dry grains, worm-eaten grains and ear rot grains in corn. Dried grains, insect sucking grains and shelled grains in wheat; Dry grains, smut grains and bud grains in rice; Worm, disease and wrinkled skin grains in beans are mostly density (specific gravity) impurities, which are often similar to or even heavier than good seeds in weight and cannot be removed without specific gravity selection machinery.

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