Ten Points To Pay Attention To In Seeding Machine Operations


  1. According to the request for the application state […]

  1. According to the request for the application statement, the seeding machine device is debugged and the application technology request is reached.

  2, the condition of the plot should be observed before planting, such as the size of the plot, the shape of the air, the concentration and the presence of obstacles, etc., to be aware of it to ensure the quality of operation and the safety of the crew. Put the seed fertilizer in the right place on the ground to reduce the time of adding seeds and fertilizers and improve work efficiency.

  3, the seeding machine group should try to prevent parking during the work schedule. When it is necessary to stop, to avoid the phenomenon of lack of seedlings and "broken bars", the seeding machine should be raised, backed up for a certain interval, and then continue to sow. When landing the seeding machine, lower it when the tractor is moving slowly. After the opener is in the soil, the seeding machine must not move back to avoid blockage or damage to the opener.

  4, when the ground is turning, the seeding machine should be suspended or the opener and soil working parts should be raised, cut off the power of the seed metering device and the fertilizer discharging device, and raise the track marker before turning.

  5, the seeds must be clean and dry, and must not be mixed with straw or stones to prevent the seeding opening from being blocked and affecting the seeding rate.

  6. The operator should always check whether the various parts of the seeding machine are working properly during work, and pay special attention to whether the seed metering device can discharge seeds, whether the seed tube is blocked, and whether the opener can be blocked by wet soil and covered with soil. Can the suppressor work normally?

  7. After sowing a crop, the seed box must be carefully cleared to avoid mixing seeds and causing seeding problems. After the fertilizer box is used, it must be cleaned in time to prevent the machine from rusting.

  8, the remaining seeds after sowing should be properly disposed of, and consumption is strictly prohibited to prevent human and animal poisoning.

  9, it is necessary to keep it properly after use. The spare parts, vulnerable parts, easy to lose parts and the special tools that come with them should be kept properly.

  10. The seeding machine should be placed in a dry shed, not with some chemical fertilizers, pesticides or alkaline acids and other corrosive chemicals.

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