The Benefits Of The Vegetable Planter To People


  Vegetable planter, the product is light and convenien […]

  Vegetable planter, the product is light and convenient, powerful, superior in performance, easy to operate, and can enter small land where large machines can't enter. The wheel track can be adjusted freely according to the soil quality and environment of the operation, and the armrest can be adjusted by 360°. The common people can adjust at any time according to their own needs when working. The operation is very flexible. It can also be equipped with a rotary tillage straight knife and Scimitars, planters, soil cultivators, etc., are widely used in tea gardens, greenhouses, greenhouses, vegetable fields, small areas, orchards, mountains, hills, and other different areas. The front depth-limiting wheel fully surrounds the mudguard, making it more convenient and worry-free for you to use.

  Today, when the cost of hiring labor is getting higher and higher, farmers urgently need a machine that can replace a large amount of labor to complete more fieldwork. The emergence of the pastoral management machine, as a newly developed agricultural machinery product, has gradually been accepted by farmers and solved the problem of farmers' vital interests.

  Vegetable planter is used for field farming, ditching, and ridge construction, and it can also be used for the management of vegetable greenhouses, nurseries, orchards, and tea gardens, and is very popular among users. Turbine worm drive, belt tension, completely forward and backward gears, front-wheel drive, make the operation easier. Suitable for sandy texture, loose soil, field tillage, and weeding for planting cash crops.

  Maintenance of vegetable planter:

  1. Engine. The engine is the source of power when the vegetable planter works. According to the different fuels used, it can be divided into two categories: diesel engines and gasoline engines.

  2. Gearbox assembly. The power of the engine is transmitted to the main clutch on the upper part of the gearbox assembly through the belt connection, is input to the gearbox through the main clutch, is transmitted through the gearbox's variable speed transmission, and then is transmitted to the traveling wheels through the driveshaft, thereby driving the vegetable planter to walk.

  3. Walking wheel. The traveling wheel is installed on the drive shaft at the lower part of the gearbox assembly. The power of the engine is transmitted to the traveling wheels through the gearbox, which drives the vegetable planter to work. When walking on the road, you can use road wheels. When farming, use farming walking wheels.

  4. Armrest frame. The armrest frame is the operating mechanism of the vegetable planter. The armrest frame is equipped with the main clutch operating lever, the throttle handle, the start switch, the steering clutch handle, and the armrest frame adjustment screws.

  5. Farming equipment. The commonly used farming tools for vegetable planter farming mainly include plowshare assembly, nail harrow assembly, paddy field rotary tiller wheel, dry land rotary tiller knives, furrow openers, resistance rods, etc. Suitable tillage tools can be selected according to different purposes.

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