The Correct Installation Method Of The Vegetable Planter


  In recent years, China has introduced better foreign […]

  In recent years, China has introduced better foreign technology, digested and absorbed, reformed, and upgraded to meet the needs of my country's agricultural production and farmers. The use of vegetable planter greatly changed agricultural planting. We must see that the productivity of seedlings has increased, the intensity of labor has decreased, and the overall level of agricultural mechanization has increased.

  The lower suspension of the rice transplanter is connected with the lower suspension of the tractor, and the upper suspension is connected with the upper suspension rod of the tractor. After connecting, install the pin and lock it tightly. Adjust the middle adjustment rod of the suspension frame to make the rice transplanter level. When adjusting the hydraulic pressure, hang the left and right adjustment rods to make the frame level.

  1. The U-shaped assembly is connected to the U-shaped tractor assembly.

  2. The deep adjuster, the top screw, and the handle of the ground cover adjuster rotate counterclockwise to the terminal.

  3. Drag the vegetable planter to make the traction frame and the traction suspension frame contact the ground.

  4. Adjust the screw of the seedling depth regulator and the soil cover regulator according to the height of the ridge and the depth of the furrow, and adjust the seeding depth according to the depth of the seedling.

  5. Secondly, connect the two driving wheel brackets with the traction frame assembly according to the row spacing requirements.

  6. Insert the shaft into the transmission bracket, install the sprocket ZB and the hand driveshaft, install the sprocket Za and the ground bridge, install the chain and the chain box cover.

  7. Fix the seedling tray and base with bolts at the position shown in the figure.

  8. Structural principle and scope of application

  Vegetable planter has the advantages of good maintenance performance, long use time, safe and strong, etc., and is favored by the majority of farmers. Today, I will introduce to you the installation method of the rice transplanter. I believe we all have more understanding, and I hope it can be helpful to you. The vegetable planter includes two categories: traction type and self-propelled type. The general-purpose model is suitable for growing peppers, cabbage, cauliflower, cabbage, tomatoes, beets, stevia, etc. The small row spacing model is suitable for transplanting green onions, onions, celery, etc. If you want to know other news about this equipment, you can consult us.

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