The Correct Maintenance Method Of Seeding Machine


  Before the seeding machine works, some oil should be […]

  Before the seeding machine works, some oil should be injected into each transmission part in time to ensure that the running parts are fully lubricated. Lost or damaged parts should be replenished, replaced, and repaired in time. Be careful not to apply oil to the gears and chains, so as not to stick to the soil and increase the wear of the parts.

  The length of each seeding wheel of the seeding machine should be the same, and the displacement should be the same. The amount of broadcast can be adjusted flexibly, and there should be no sliding and idling. Disc opener The disc rotates flexibly and does not rub against the opener. Before and after each shift, the soil of each part should be cleaned up.

  After sowing, the fertilizer in the fertilizer box should be cleaned to prevent the fertilizer from corroding the material box and the fertilizer discharge parts. Check whether the seed-metering shaft and the fertilizer-discharging shaft rotate flexibly. Place the seeding machine in a dry, covered shed. The fertilizer box should also be tightly covered when parked in the open air. When parking, drop the opener and lower the support to hold the body firmly.

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