The Importance Of Choosing The Right Vegetable Planter


  The vegetable planter with differential is specially […]

  The vegetable planter with differential is specially designed for the operation of orchards, vegetable fields, greenhouses, hilly slopes, and small plots of land (water, dry land). There are more than 20 kinds of supporting equipment for this machine, which can be used for nearly 40 farmland operations.

  Multifunctionalization continues to support new machines and tools, add new functions, and gradually expand to urban gardens and horticulture based on improving agricultural functions, such as supporting grass cutting, snow removal, branch and leaf crushing machines and tools. At present, Shandong Huaxing Machinery Group is cooperating with the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Mechanization Science to develop a variety of gardening tools for its leading model TG4.

  1. Choose a model suitable for local planting patterns, suitable for soft ground operations (rotary tillage), greenhouse operations, hard ground operations, and sticky ground operations. There are certain differences between the selected models according to different operating environments. , The main functions of the pastoral management machine are ditching, soil cultivation, ridge formation, soil covering, soil loosening, and weeding. These functions cannot be replaced by other models, so customers should choose whether these main functions can be properly selected when purchasing. To meet the requirements, this is more important.

  2. See whether the appearance and details of the vegetable planter are exquisite. From the appearance and details, we can see the overall strength of the company's technical level, processing equipment, and employee quality. The gearbox and other components processed by advanced equipment have high strength and appearance. Beautiful, high precision between the shaft hole and the shaft hole, the gearbox is not prone to failure, which can ensure the long-term use of the machine.

  3. Check whether the parts are produced by large companies, especially the parts such as engines, bearings, V-belts, etc., which are all key factors related to product quality. The machine purchased from a large company may be a bit expensive at the time, but it is cheap to use because the cost of choosing high-quality parts is high (for example, the price of bearings of the same model and small factories is only one-third of the brand manufacturers). The vegetable planter product has its particularity. It may be used for several months a year, but it is very urgent to use it. If there is no quality guarantee, it will not be worthwhile to delay the day. Large companies have the guarantee of strength, and the brand guarantees that they will generally not change their businesses and will not be easy to close down, and will guarantee the future maintenance services and parts supply.

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