The Manual Seeder Industry Is Developing Rapidly


  Today, when the cost of hiring to labor is getting hi […]

  Today, when the cost of hiring to labor is getting higher and higher, farmers urgently need a machine that can replace a large amount of labor to complete more fieldwork. The emergence of manual seeder, as a newly developed agricultural machinery product, has gradually been accepted by farmers and solved the problem of farmers' vital interests. So what should I pay attention to when using manual seeder?

  1. Initial maintenance. The new machine or manual seeder after overhaul should be run-in and test-run according to the requirements in the instruction manual, and the operation can be carried out after careful inspection and debugging.

  2. Technical overhaul. If it is found that the management machine has a major failure or needs technical maintenance, the operator must not blindly disassemble the machine and should send it to the local special maintenance station for professional and technical personnel to troubleshoot and perform technical maintenance.

  3. Before using the manual seeder, you must carefully master its structure and performance according to the instructions of the corresponding manufacturer.

  4. Change the oil on time. After the engine has been running for 20 hours, warm up the engine to change the oil, otherwise, the residual oil in the engine will not be exhausted. After changing the oil for 20 hours, change the oil every 100 hours thereafter.

  Today, we have made a brief introduction to you about the precautions for the use of manual seeder. We also hope that you will use it scientifically in the future.

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