The Type Of Gearbox Used By Planting Machine


  Gearbox is a very important equipment for the plantin […]

  Gearbox is a very important equipment for the planting machine, and it is one of the main indicators that affect the performance of the planting machine. Let me introduce the types of gearboxes used by the planting machine:

  One: Fixed gearbox, which is widely used in traditional planting machines. The main feature is that the speed is consistent. From the beginning to the end, it is used at the same speed without changing the speed, but it has very shortcomings. Obviously, if it encounters a particularly large resistance, it will crash, so when using a traditional fixed planting machine, pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages.

  Two: The variable speed planting machine box is a kind that can change the speed into various gears. When at low speed, the power is very strong. At high speed, the rotation speed is faster and the power is relatively small. . So the advantage is that when the resistance is high, use the low gear, when the resistance is small, use the high gear.

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