The Use Of Manual Corn Seeder


  Manual corn seeder sowing has even seeded. Consistent […]

  Manual corn seeder sowing has even seeded. Consistent depth. Stable row spacing, good soil covering, saving seeds. Features such as high work efficiency. The correct use of manual corn seeder should pay attention to the following points:

  Do a good job of maintenance before entering the field. Clean up the debris in the seed box and the tangled grass on the opener. The soil is in good condition and the transmission of tractors and planters. Rotating parts, add lubricating oil according to the instructions, especially pay attention to the lubrication and tension of the transmission chain and the tightening of the bolts on the planter.

  After the manual corn seeder is connected to the tractor, it should not be tilted, and the frame should be horizontal before and after the work.

  Make various adjustments. According to the regulations of the instruction manual and agronomic requirements, the sowing amount and the row spacing of the opener are adjusted. Adjust the depth of the ditching and overburden suppression wheel appropriately.

  Pay attention to adding seeds. The seeds added to the seedbox should be free of small, stubborn, and mixed seeds to ensure the effectiveness of the seeds; secondly, the number of seeds added to the seedbox should be at least increased to cover the entrance of the seeding box to ensure smooth seeding.

  Pilot broadcast. In order to ensure the quality of planting, before planting a large area, you must insist on trial planting of 20m, observe the working conditions of the planter, and ask agricultural machinery personnel, farmers, etc. to test and consult, confirm that it meets the local agronomic requirements, and then conduct large-area planting.

  Pay attention to driving straight at a constant speed. The operator chooses the operating route and should ensure the convenience of adding seeds and mechanical access. When planting, pay attention to straight forward at a uniform speed. Do not move fast or slow or stop in the middle to avoid replay or missed seeding; in order to prevent the opener from clogging, manual corn The raising and lowering of the seeder should be operated while moving, and the manual corn seeder should be lifted when backing or turning.

  First spread the ground head horizontally so as not to harden it.

  When sowing, always observe the working conditions of the seed meter, opener, cover, and transmission mechanism. If a blockage, clay, entanglement, and seed cover are not tight, remove it in time. Adjustments, repairs, lubrication, or cleaning of tangled grass must be carried out after parking.

  When the manual corn seeder is working, it is strictly forbidden to go backward or make sharp turns, and the planter should be lifted or lowered slowly to avoid damage to the parts.

  During operation, the seeds in the seedbox shall not be less than 1/5 of the volume of the seedbox; when transporting or transferring plots, the seed box shall not contain seeds, let alone press other heavy objects.

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