The Use Of Manual Seeders Solves A Lot Of Labor


  As technology continues to evolve, so does agricultur […]

  As technology continues to evolve, so does agricultural technology. With manual seeders, farmers are no longer bored with manual seeding, today we will briefly introduce manual seeders.

  The manual seeder are a mechanical replacement of the original manual sowing, fertilizing, plowing, etc., which is done in one step and is specifically applied to corn, soybeans, potatoes, garlic and other economic farming suitable for large scale cultivation. Manual sowers mainly include corn sowers, soybean sowers, garlic sowers, potato sowers and other machinery, to solve the problem of rural labor shortage and labor costs, expand agricultural planting area and mechanization level. However, manual seeders are still relatively common, the technology still needs to be improved, mainly for the introduction of technology, lack of independent intellectual property rights and innovation capabilities. There is a need for no-till sowing techniques that are more adaptable to different areas and products in different cities.

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