The Use Requirements Of Corn Thresher


1. Use wires and sockets that meet the standards. The m […]

1. Use wires and sockets that meet the standards. The motor, power cord and plug used in the corn thresher complies with national safety standards. However, the wires in some users' homes are not up to standard, the wire diameter is too thin, or the skin is damaged. These conditions may cause potential safety hazards. For outdoor use, it is best to use waterproof and wear-resistant rubber sheathed cables for the power cord.

2. Do not overload. The motor for corn thresher is 1.1KW, and the working current is about 5A. Usually the rated current of the household socket is 10A, which can meet up to two corn threshers. Therefore, do not use multiple corn threshers in one socket.

3. The user should understand the position of the main power switch, and immediately turn off the main switch once a problem is found.

4. Do not insert or pull the plug with wet hands, and do not touch your fingers or other conductive objects to probe the power socket or the inside of the motor.

5. Unplug the power plug after using the corn thresher. When pulling the plug, do not pull the wire forcibly to prevent the electric leakage caused by the broken or damaged insulation. If the insulation of the wire is damaged, it should be replaced with a new wire or wrapped with insulating tape in time.

6. Do not disassemble the corn thresher at will. In case of failure, do not try to repair it by yourself, please contact the company's after-sales service personnel in time.

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