Troubleshooting Of Manual Corn Seeder


  Corn is a kind of food. Many farmers plant corn every […]

  Corn is a kind of food. Many farmers plant corn every year. Because corn not only brings food value to people but also brings a variety of value, so many people choose to plant corn. Generally, people plant corn by hand and plant corn by plowing the soil and fertilizing it by themselves. It takes time and effort, and it will also cause harm to the body of a long time. Therefore, manual corn planters are now used to plant corn, which not only saves time and labor but also reduces the labor force. However, it often has some faults. How to avoid these faults? Let me briefly introduce them to you.

  1. Usually, many people will encounter this situation. The metering devices does not meter seeds. The main reason are that the transmission gear does not mesh or the square hole of the metering gear on the spindle head of the clock are worn. We should adjust or repair the manual corn seeder, and replace it if it is serious.

  2. Some individual seed metering machines does not work, because the seeds in the seed metering boxes are blocked by sundries. We should clean up the sundries in time, and the connection between the seed metering shaft and other sheaves is broken. We should change the pin. If the insert plates of individual seedboxes are not pulled open, the insert plates should be pulled open.

  3. When the seed metering device is metering seeds, because there are some individual ditches in which seeds are not sown, and because the furrow opener or the seed delivery pipes is blocked, we should also clean up the sundries in the blockage in time, and take corresponding measures to prevent sundries from entering the furrow opener.

  4. When the planter was sowing, it suddenly lost control because the separation gap was too small. The tip should be reinstalled and then locked. The separation gap should be adjusted.

  5. The sowing machine is intermittent and uneven during sowing. The reason is that the meshing clearance of the transmission gear is too large and the gear slips. If the clutch spring is too weak and the gear slides, we should adjust or replace the spring.If you want to know more about the manual corn planter, please pay attention to our official website:

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