Understand Vegetable Planter Briefly


  A rotary feeder is used in a vegetable planter, which […]

  A rotary feeder is used in a vegetable planter, which is composed of several feeding cups. There is a valve at the bottom of the feeding cup. When the feeding cup is turned up, the seedlings will fall and close. During this period, the time of artificial transplanting can be prolonged. When the seedling falls, it passes through the channel of the seedling supporting device and then falls directly into the groove of the ditcher. The advantage of using the seedling support device is that the seedlings will not be dumped at will, but stand upright, so when the ditcher moves, the soil can be directly covered.

  The function of the vegetable planter seedling guide pipe is to transport the seedlings directly to the bottom of the ditch. It is mainly used here because there will be no injury to the seedlings when moving inside, so use it with confidence.

  Vegetable planter performance characteristics:

  1. the 1.vegetable planter has a compact structure and reasonable power allocation and adopts a linkage control device to ensure the sowing distance without damaging the seedlings, and the sowing depth is infinitely adjustable.

  2. In the sowing process, the whole machine has the advantages of high power, self-contained planter, compact system structure, reasonable coordination, convenient adjustment, and strong stability.

  3. Simple operation and convenient use. The main clutch adopts a belt tension-type, which can realize multi-gear forward and reverse rotation through the main transmission and has a wide transmission range. The track height can be freely adjusted to meet the requirements of different crop row spacing and plant spacing.

  4. Wide application range. A vegetable planter is suitable for planting crops with different row spacing and plant spacing and has strong applicability. Moreover, the main engine of this machine can be matched with a variety of agricultural machinery such as rotary tillage, ditching, ridging, film mulching, intertillage weeding, etc.

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