Vegetable Planter Has Become A Natural Trend


  With the increasing population of the world, the dema […]

  With the increasing population of the world, the demand for agricultural products such as grains and cash crops is increasing day by day. Countries all over the world have paid greater attention and attention to the development of agricultural production. China is a largely agricultural country in the world, and agricultural mechanization is an important part of my country's agricultural modernization. After my country has realized the mechanization of farming and harvesting operations, planting mechanization is becoming a key area of ​​agricultural mechanization. Next, we will focus on the vegetable planter.

  Seedling raising and transplanting technology were first developed in Europe and the United States in the 1970s. Vegetable planter is a seedling transplanting method suitable for the production of vegetable seedlings in factories. Compared with conventional seedling raising and transplanting methods, the cost can be reduced by 25% to 40%. It has a high seedling emergence rate, neat seedling emergence, slow seedling, fewer pests and diseases, and mechanization. High degree, labor-saving, time-saving, energy-saving, seeds, and seedling sites, convenient for large-scale management, protection, and improvement of the agricultural ecological environment and other advantages. This technology represents the development direction of seedling transplanting technology and is welcomed by planters.

  Since the implementation of seedling raising and transplanting technology, most areas still adopt artificial seedling raising and transplanting technology, and the start of mechanization of transplanting is still relatively late, but vegetable planters have been introduced in some areas. Because manual transplanting is labor-intensive, requires a large amount of labor, and is low inefficiency, it is not easy to achieve large-scale and large-scale transplantation and the production scale is relatively small, and economic benefits are low, which is not conducive to the popularization and application of vegetable seedling transplanting technology. The low degree of mechanization of transplanting has seriously affected the development of cash crops. Therefore, it is a natural trend to develop seedling transplanting technology and realize mechanized transplanting.

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