What Are The Benefits Of Using Vegetable Planter?


  One, growth and development:   The broccoli seedlings […]

  One, growth and development:

  The broccoli seedlings transplanted with the vegetable planter have a short slow-down time. Soon after transplanting, the mechanically transplanted seedlings grow better than those manually transplanted, and they are tidier. This may be due to the mechanical transplanting less damage to the seedlings and transplanting. The quality is relatively high and uniform.

  Although different transplanting methods have no obvious effect on the growth period, the growth of the broccoli flower bulbs transplanted mechanically is more orderly than that of manual transplanting, and it enters the peak harvest period of concentrated harvest 2-4 days after the start of harvest, and the time of the concentrated harvest period Shorter.

  2. Output:

  Since the diameter of the harvested broccoli flower bulbs is generally about 11cm, and the weight of a single flower bulb is generally between 300-350g, the broccoli yield per unit area is greatly affected by the planting density, and the use of vegetable planter will increase it Yield.

  3. Benefits:

  The calculation of test costs includes labor and material costs. Labor employment includes soil preparation, transplanting, field management, harvesting, and transportation, among which there is no significant difference in labor employment in the four fields of soil preparation, field management, harvesting, and transportation among different transplanting methods, and the cost statistics are the same; 2 types The efficiency of mechanical transplanting is not significantly different in the experiment, and it is considered the same in the cost statistics; while the efficiency of mechanical transplanting is 6 times higher than that of manual transplanting, which also leads to some differences in the total material cost. The income of transplanting with vegetable planters increased by about 20% compared with manual transplanting.

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