What Are The Functions Of A Vegetable Planter?


  Speaking of vegetable planters, I believe that those […]

  Speaking of vegetable planters, I believe that those who have used it know the importance of this machine, it is very helpful to improve the efficiency of vegetable seeds sowing, which is also the product of current social technology development to a certain extent. At present, there are seeders on the market that can sow oilseed rape, cabbage, carrots, cabbage, etc. Of course, for grain, sorghum, wheat or medicinal seeds can also be sown with this machine, which has been widely used, if you are not familiar with this machine for the first time, the good way is to know more about it, especially its technical parameters.

  Generally speaking, the seeder can sow 2 rows at a time, the power is basically 170 gasoline machines, the speed is up to 3600 rpm, the strain and row spacing can be freely adjusted, in terms of gears is also very humane, there are fast and slow gears. The Vegetable Planter has the advantage of walking, two sets of sowing system, can sow ordinary seeds or special seeds, equipped with a differential, can be turned directly on the spot, very simple operation, and at the same time of sowing, can be laid drip irrigation belt, with the addition of a balance bar, the monopoly surface varies in height, depth of automatic adjustment.

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