What Are The Main Functional Classifications Of The Seeding Machine?


  Seeding machine A planting machine that uses crop see […]

  Seeding machine A planting machine that uses crop seeds as the sowing object. The seeding machine used for a certain type or a certain crop is often given the name of the crop type, such as wheat seeding machine, cotton seeding machine, etc. According to the seeding method, what are the main functions of the seeding machine? Here is a brief introduction to everyone.

  Main function classification of seeding machine:

  1. Spreader

  A seeding machine that distributes the scattered seeds evenly on the sowing plot. The commonly used model is the centrifugal spreader. The seeds fall from the seed box to the sowing wheel and are broadcast in the tangential direction under the action of centrifugal force, with a sowing width of 8-12 meters. Powdered or granular fertilizers, lime, and other materials can also be spread.

  2. Drill type

  The sowing operation of small seeds such as grains, vegetables, pastures, etc. of the drill seeding machine is discharged from the seedbox into the seeding pipe according to the required sowing amount and falls into the opened trench through the opener, and then is covered with soil. The pressing device covers and compacts the seeds, and the crops emerge into parallel and equidistant rows after emergence.

  3. Hole-seeding

  A seeding machine that sows seeds into holes according to a certain row spacing and hole spacing. Each hole can sow one or several seeds, which are called single seed precision seeding or multiple seed seeding, which are mainly used for cultivating crops such as corn, cotton, sugar beet, sunflower, and beans. Every single unit of agricultural machinery can complete the entire operation process of trenching, seeding, soil covering, and cover pressing.

  4. Precision seeding machine

  Seeding machines that operate with refined seeding amount, row spacing, and depth, precision seeding machines are mostly single seed hole sowing and multiple seed hole sowing with refined control of the number of seeds per hole, which saves seeds and eliminates thinning after emergence. The advantages of operation, making the nutrient area of ​​each crop even.

  5. Combined seeding machine

  The combined seeding machine can complete tasks such as soil cultivation before sowing, fertilizer application, soil disinfection, drainage ditches, seeding, pesticide and herbicide application, etc. at one time. This type of seeding machine can prevent soil loss, save energy, and reduce operating costs. It is mostly used for planting crops such as cereals, pastures, and green fodder corn.

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