What Are The Product Advantages Of The Vegetable Planter


  At present, the vegetable planter is used more and mo […]

  At present, the vegetable planter is used more and more widely, it gradually replaces manual operation, not only will not damage the seedlings, but also improve labor efficiency. In fact, this machine has other advantages.

  1. Advanced technology, the high survival rate of transplanting, low rate of damage to seedlings. The machine adopts a linkage control device to drive the seedling machine to realize the functions of digging holes, fertilizing, planting seedlings, and sealing the seedlings with the seedling planter, and there is no leakage or damage to the seedlings, which ensures the quality and survival of seedling transplanting. It can completely make up for the shortcomings of different depths, uneven plant spacing, and low production efficiency in the manual transplanting process.

  2. Novel structure and wide application range: The machine adopts a scientific and advanced system integrating double spinning and eccentric rotation to drive seedling planter transplantation. It has the characteristics of novel structure, stable performance, reasonable coordination, and multiple functions. In the process of transplanting, according to the size of the traction power equipped, it can be planted in multiple rows, such as one row, two rows, and three rows. It can not only realize large-area plain farm rate planting but also solve the operation of transplanting seedlings in greenhouses and hills.

  3. Reliable performance, flexible construction, and convenient adjustment: The machine adopts sprocket and chain transmission, accurate transmission ratio, and accurate transplanting plant spacing. You can adjust the number of seedling planters and replace the sprocket.

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