What Should I Pay Attention To When Using Vegetable Planter?


  Vegetable planter as a piece of medium-strength agric […]

  Vegetable planter as a piece of medium-strength agricultural machinery, while promoting agricultural development, it also brings a series of problems. Before the vegetable planter is not familiar with its performance and operating essentials, blindly install the knife and use it, which is likely to cause major mechanical accidents. Or personal injury.

  To give full play to its role, the vegetable planter needs to pay attention to the following points:

  1. After the new machine is bought back, the residual oil in the engine and transmission must be cleaned first. The residual oil is the oil used in the factory debugging products. This oil is reusable oil, which is very dirty and contains a lot of moisture, silt, iron filings, etc. Sundries, long-term use will quickly damage the equipment, or even pull the cylinder.

  2. Before starting the engine, you must drive it back and forth in the open, master the gear shifting and clutch skills, and be especially familiar with the function and role of the clutch. The role of the clutch is the same as that of a high-speed car clutch, which has an important role.

  3. In an emergency, first enable the clutch, cut off the power supply, and then deal with related problems. Many accidents with casualties are caused by the abnormal operation of the machine, the clutch is not cut off, and the power continues to be supplied, resulting in casualties that should not have occurred.

  The application of agricultural machinery equipment such as vegetable planter and field management machines has a great effect on the improvement of farmers’ consumption efficiency. Therefore, farmers' friends will pay attention to maintenance when using vegetable planters and other equipment. In the end, what method is correct, please Follow the steps below to stop maintenance.

  1. After the initial start-up of the vegetable planter, stop the warm-up operation for 5 minutes and insist on a low-speed load operation before the start-up machine is hot. Do not run at full load at high speed or run at low speed without load.

  2. Change the oil on time. After starting the engine to run for 20 hours, change the oil in the heat engine, otherwise, the remaining oil in the engine can't be exhausted. After changing the oil in 20h, change the oil every 100h thereafter.

  3. Prevent overload operation. The initiator cannot run at full load during the running-in period and can stop running in at a speed of 3000r/min and a load of about 50%.

  4. Choose suitable engine oil for vegetable planter equipment. If the oil grade used is not suitable, it will cause the adhesion of the piston ring and burn the piston ring; the rapid wear of the cylinder liner; the rapid wear of the bearing, and other moving parts will shorten the service life of the diesel engine.

  5. Beware of the fuel entering the dirty water and dirt. If the fuel is mixed with water and dirt, it will cause the diesel engine to run abnormally or fail to operate. If there is water and dirt in the fuel, the fuel should be stored in a clean container to stop precipitation for more than 2 hours, and then use a hose or pump to pump out the fuel above. The oil at the bottom of the container should not be used.

  6. Keep the air filter element clean. If there is a lack of engine power and the smoke color deteriorates, the air filter element or cleaning element must be changed. The filter element was cleaned for the first time after 100 hours of use, and the second time was used for 500 hours. After 1000 hours of use, the filter element was changed. The user should record the working time of the vegetable planter during use.

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