What's Better About Vegetable Planter Than Traditional Transplanting


  Vegetable planter has gradually replaced manual opera […]

  Vegetable planter has gradually replaced manual operation to complete large-scale transplanting operation in rural areas of modern society.

  Vegetable planter is mainly used for transplanting plug seedlings with plastic film, which can transplant cotton, tomato, pepper, lettuce and other crops. It consists of a single planting single group, and each single group is driven by its ground wheel, so it can be used together with tractors of different sizes to form a multi-row transplanter, which integrates the functions of ridging, laying drip irrigation belt, covering film, transplanting, filling and covering soil on the film, and realizes multi-functional joint operation.

  1. the technology is new, the survival rate of transplanting is high, and the seedling injury rate is low.

  2. Novel structure and wide application range. The transplanter adopts a scientific system with two-wheel spiral pressure and eccentric rotation to drive the transplanter to transplant into a whole, which has the characteristics of novel structure, stable performance, reasonable cooperation and multi-purpose of one machine. It can not only realize the high-efficiency planting of large-area plain farms, but also solve the transplanting operation of seedlings in greenhouses and open fields.

  3. Stable performance and convenient adjustment. The vegetable transplanter adopts sprocket and chain drive with accurate transmission ratio and accurate transplanting plant spacing.

  4. Stable work, strong and easy to use, and long service life. The parts used in vegetable transplanter are all made of raw materials with high strength and stable performance.

  5. Reduce labor intensity and save labor cost. Greatly improve seedling transplanting quality, greatly reduce transplanting cost, have the same growth and maturity period of crops, facilitate field management, increase yield, greatly improve economic benefits, and achieve the purposes of high vegetable planting efficiency, labor saving, time saving and labor saving.

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