Where Should The Vegetable Planter Malfunction?


       My country's agriculture is developing in the di […]

       My country's agriculture is developing in the direction of mechanization, and vegetable planters are playing a relatively large role. Therefore, when using the transplanter, we need to pay attention to the normal operation of the equipment.

  The vegetable planter may have some glitches after using it for some time. So which aspects should be judged?

  1. Tactile judgment

  Tactile judgment can judge the size of the gap by shaking hands and feeling, without measuring tools. For example, the gap between the valve stem and the valve guide and the radial and axial gaps of the movable bearing will be very large.

  2. Visual judgment.

  Able to judge the wear condition of the mechanical surface parts and the quality of the surface materials of the parts. Such as cracks in the cylinder block and cylinder head, fatigue and shedding of the surface of gears and movable bearings, severe burns of the injectors and exhaust valves, annealed blue or pitting, friction data of clutches and brakes, wear and burn, gear meshing marks, pistons and Slight leakage between cylinder liners, etc.

  3. Auditory judgment.

  Auditory judgment can use a small hammer to hit the inspection part of the metal part and judge whether the rice transplanter is cracked and connected tightly from the sound. In general, the sound of fasteners and complete parts is loud, and the sound of defective parts is muddy and dumb. This method can be used to confirm whether there are cracks in the mechanical crankshaft and side rods, whether the bearing alloy is combined with the body, and whether the rivet connection of the intake pump is firm. In addition, the noise of the working gear set can roughly distinguish the meshing situation.

  I hope that the above sharing can be helpful to everyone. Friends who want to know about the equipment can pay attention to our company!

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