Why Choose Hongxiang Manual Corn Seeder


  Taizhou City Luqiao Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery […]

  Taizhou City Luqiao Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of agricultural machinery. Its leading technology combines agriculture and agronomy to provide efficient technical support for increasing corn production. Hongxiang manual corn seeder achieves standardization and efficiency. As a whole, regular and efficient planting, greatly improving the planting efficiency of farmers' friends, as well as the output, and ensuring the income

  The machine is composed of high-quality materials, with precise structure, compact structure, low energy consumption, powerful functions, unparalleled precise depth, guaranteed profit, and the seeding disc is larger than the previous one, making the adjustment of the corn seeding row spacing easier, and the previously fixed fixation The row spacing is upgraded to flexibly change the row spacing, and the desired effect can be achieved by only shaking the handle. The porcelain bowl also has the characteristics of continuous seeding and smooth seeding. The implementation of standardized planting, efficient planting, convenient operation, stable performance, when others are still using another low-quality manual corn seeder, Hongxiang manual corn seeder has earned you the first pot of gold, making you one step ahead.

  If you are still worried about the quality of the manual corn seeder, you can rest assured that the fertilizer box is made of inner plastic and outer steel material, so that the fertilizer does not contact the fertilizer box, increasing the service life of the manual corn seeder, thereby ensuring You can use it for a long time.

  I believe Hongxiang manual corn seeder will be your ideal choice!

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