Manual corn sheller(HX-B004)

Manual corn sheller(HX-B004)

Taizhou City Luqiao Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Product Details

Item  Technical Specification Size (cm)
HX-B004 Product name:Manual corn sheller                                                                       
G.W/N.W:2.0/1,8 Kgs                                         Packing:47*43*24 cm,12 pcs/ctn                                               

Advantages of HONGXIANG Manual corn sheller
1.Corn sheller has multiple size adjustment files, and size corn can be threshed.
2.The corn sheller roller increases the corrugation, clean and threshing.
3.The plastic curtain of the corn sheller feed inlet prevents the corn seeds from flowing out.
4.The corn sheller hopper accessories are thickened to ensure the long-term stability and durability of the machine.
5.The corn sheller is sprayed with a fully automatic electrostatic spraying process, which is bright and corrosion-resistant.
Using our corn sheller can easily remove the kernels from the whole ear of dried corn. It can handle corn ears of various sizes and shapes and has ball bearings, long service life, and stable rotation. Using high-strength ductile iron, it has a tough and handsome powder coating. The corn sheller arranges the whole bare corn cobs aside so that they do not fall into the hulled grain.

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