Knapsack fertilizer machine(HX-A012)

Knapsack fertilizer machine(HX-A012)

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Item  Technical Specification Size (cm)
HX-A012 Product name:Knapsack fertilizer machine              
Suitable fertilizer:Power or solid fertilize
Fertilizer depth:3-10cm
Amount of fertilizer:2-10g
G.W/N.W:3.7/3.5 kgss                                        
Packing:87*55*49 cm,6 pcs/ctn

This knapsack fertilizer machine from Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Company has both fertilizing and seeding functions. It saves time and fertilizer, and saves energy. It will not damage the soil, nor will it damage the membrane. There is no need to bend over when fertilizing and sowing, it is no longer hard and can produce high yield and good harvest.

knapsack fertilizer machine is suitable for plants in mud:
Watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe, green pepper, Chinese cabbage, corn, eggplant, pepper, beans, tomatoes, potatoes, cotton, rape, flowers, peanuts, herbs, tobacco, tea trees, fruit trees, seedlings, etc.

knapsack fertilizer machine is a planter suitable for seed plants:
Corn seeds, mung beans, soybeans, cow beans, nuts, etc. with a diameter of less than 18 mm and greater than 2 mm.

1. Knapsack fertilizer applicator adopts brand new plastic, novel appearance, comfortable to carry and easy to operate

2. Equipped with an independent gearbox to avoid the use of stainless steel screw bearing fertilizers to enter the impurity water

3. Upgrade the wear-resistant flywheel nylon gear ring to increase the service life of the fertilizer planter.

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