Vegetable transplanter(2 mouth)(HX-A029)

Vegetable transplanter(2 mouth)(HX-A029)

Taizhou City Luqiao Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Product Details

Advantages of HONGXIANG Agricultural Seeding Machine - 2 mouths HX-A029 Vegetable Planter

-Heavy stainless steel body structure, long service life

-Large funnel is easy to fill

-Adjustable scale, easy to plant, to ensure the same distance between growers

-Long body prevents bending, so you can stand


1. On farmland covered by plastic film, or on farmland not covered by the film, loosen the handle and insert the machine into the soil.

2. Put the seedlings into the barrel.

3. Hold the handle, lift the machine, and plant the seedlings.

4. According to the predetermined planting distance, repeat the above steps to plant the next one.

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