Double barrel portable seeder(HX-A004)

Double barrel portable seeder(HX-A004)

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Product Details

Item  Technical Specification Size (cm)
HX-A004 Product name:Double barrel portable seeder
Suitableseed:Corn,soybean,peanut,chickpea ,cotton,etc.
Hole seeding rate :1-3 seeds
Seed Capacity:1.5-2 Kgsx
Capacity:1.5-2 Kgs
G. W/N. W:2.5/2.2 Kgs
Packing:81 *45*43 cm,9 pcs/ctn
20 FT/40HQ container load:1500/3650 pcs

Double barrel portable seeder planting machine
Our planting machine of this model is suitable for fertilizing and seeding in farmland, plains, and hilly areas. Planting, fertilizer consumption, and seeding depth can be adjusted according to your needs. It is very simple and convenient to use. This kind of hand-push planter can help farmers improve work efficiency and enhance labor capacity.
1. One pill with one hole or multiple pills with one hole. One person uses a machine to sow more than 10 acres in sections every day, which is highly efficient.
2. They can be used for most seeds, such as corn, soybeans, peanuts, cotton, and so on.
3. Ditching, seeding, soil covering, and repressing can be completed in one step.
4. The planter is lighter and smaller, easy to operate and transport.


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