Fertiliser Spreader Planting Machines(HX-A025)

Fertiliser Spreader Planting Machines(HX-A025)

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To obtain a good harvest, it is necessary to ensure proper mineral nutrition of the plants. For this, you need to choose the right fertiliser spreader planting machines. The most important thing in choosing fertiliser spreader planting machines is the accuracy of fertilization. If fertiliser spreader planting machines cannot provide accurate and uniform fertilization, this may result in some plants getting less fertilizer than needed, and another portion getting more fertilizer than needed.
1. Hongxiang Fertiliser Spreader Planting Machines (HX-A025) is suitable for plain, mountainous, hilly, mountainous, plain and film use. The sharp lips protect the planter from the restrictions of the terrain.
2. The use of high quality makes the wheel rolling bearings more portable and durable.
3. The mechanism is transparent and intuitive, user-friendly, and can intuitively see the accuracy of the next seed. The transparent shell can see the remaining seeds and fertilizer.
4. The number of seedings, spacing, and depth can be adjusted as required.
5. The height of the armrest installed with the suppression drum can be adjusted, and the seed depth can be reduced, and the angle can be changed to ensure the occurrence of odd numbers.

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