Hand push seeder(Transparent)(HX-A036)

Hand push seeder(Transparent)(HX-A036)

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Product Details

Item  Technical Specification Size (cm)
HX-A036 Product name:Hand push seeder(Transparent) Mouth
number:12,10,9,8,7,6 mouths adjustable
Spacing:13-25 cm
Suitable seed:C orn,soybean,peanut, chickpea,cotton,etc.
Hole seeding rate :1-2 seeds
Capacity:2-3 Kgs
G.W/N.W:10.2/9.0 Kgs
Packing:54* 24*58 cm,1 pcs/ctn
20 FT/40HQ container load:370/865 pcs

HX-A036 Hand push Seed Planter can make small farmers work easily, can use fertilizers to plant many different types of seeds, which can reduce the huge burden on farmers and create value for them, such as peanuts, vegetables, sunflowers, corn, walnuts, Beans, grains, cotton, soybeans, mung beans, suitable for mountainous areas, hilly areas, orchards, vegetable fields, greenhouses, can be planted in the dry land, one grain per hole or multiple grains per hole. One person holds a machine part to sow more than 10 acres a day, and the sowing efficiency is high. It saves labor and seeds for farmers, it can complete ditches, sowing, and soil mulching, and suppress it step by step. The hand-push planter with fertilizer saves time, the accelerator is lighter, smaller, and easy to operate and transport. Save power, advance, plant, retreat: stop sowing, so you can save seeds.
HX-A036 Hand pushes Seed Planter features:
1. High-quality PC material seeding box: The seeding box is made of a one-time injection molding process, the box is tougher, and the base part is made of high-strength plastic material, which is durable and will not rust for life. The clip is metal shrapnel with a stamping process, and the tighter seedbox is not loose.
2. The height of the hand-push handle can be adjusted: In addition to angle adjustment, the height of the hand-push handle of this machine can be adjusted according to the user's situation.
3. The plant spacing and row spacing are adjustable: the machine depth is 0-4 cm, and the row spacing of conventional models is 8-15 per row.

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