Planting Machine(HX-A060)

Planting Machine(HX-A060)

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Product Details

HX-A060 Planting Machine is a newly designed seed planter. The seed metering device uses a seeding wheel with a seeding spoon, which has higher accuracy and is lighter and smaller, so it is becoming more and more popular among farmers.

1. The planting precision is high, and it can be planted with one hole and one hole or multiple holes and one hole as needed. It does not require farmers to thin out plants. It saves labor and seeds for you.
2. Super large soil roller, cover the seeds with soil to make the seeds grow well.
3. They can be used for most vegetable seeds, such as onions, carrots, cabbage, spinach, peppers, broccoli, etc. You don’t need to buy another one. It saves you a lot of money.
4. The plant spacing, planting spacing, and depth can be adjusted.
5. It can complete ditching, sowing, and soil mulching, pressing step by step. Save you time.
6. The planter is lighter, smaller, easy to operate and transport. It saves power for you.
7. Advance: plant; retreat: stop sowing, so that you can save seeds.
8. Portable, easy to operate, and transport.

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