Rice sowing machine (HX-A066)

Rice sowing machine (HX-A066)

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Product Details

Item  Technical Specification Size (cm)
HX-A066 Product name:Rice sowing machine
G.W/N.W:7.4/6.5 Kgs
Packing:68*55*25 cm,1 pcs/ctn                                              

The rice planting machine of HX-A066 is a planter that directly immerses rice into the rice field. The machine is operated by a single person, the steering wheel structure is flexible and comfortable, and it has the advantages of simple structure, simple and flexible operation, safe and stable performance, and low price. The planting operation cost is low, the oil consumption is low, the labor intensity is low, the seedlings are well ventilated after sowing, the lodging resistance is strong, and the rice is high-yield, which greatly improves the applicability and high yield of direct seeding of rice. This product is suitable for the direct seeding of rice in China's plains, hills, and other rice-growing areas. This is an ideal rice planting machine with high efficiency and efficiency.
Features of HX-A066 rice planting machine
1. Strong power and fast planting speed.
2. Fast speed, but stable and easy to operate.
3. Easy to turn, small turning radius, easy to plant.
4. Wide pedal and sufficient working space.
5. Quickly and easily move, store and maintain.
6. Durable.

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