Rice transplanter(HX-A069)

Rice transplanter(HX-A069)

Taizhou City Luqiao Hongxiang Agricultural Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Product Details

Item  Technical Specification Size (cm)
HX-A069 Product name:Rice transplanter                                    
Seedling length:15-35cm 
Planting depth:3-6.5cm
Packing:75*45*46cm,1 pcs/ctn

HOGNXIANG rice transplanter is very light and easy to move, suitable for different fields

Features of HOGNXIANG rice transplanter

1. The steering gear box is adjustable, which makes the operation of the machine easier and more flexible.

2. The use of new seedling raising methods can ensure that the seedlings are upright, orderly and organized.

The transplantation effect is better.

3. The sowing distance can meet user requirements.

4. The nursery box is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable.

5. The seat is adjustable to make the machine operation more comfortable.

6. Equipped with a large engine, the machine runs stably and has low noise.

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